You are a brilliant and evocative writer. Your book turned a rough day into a happy one. Keep on writing! We LOVED the “Kung Fu” chapter.

Thank you for writing "The Flaming Marshmallow!" the story of your life experiences. It was most interesting and so well written!! You are a literary genius!!! I took the liberty of sending a copy to my daughters; they loved every word!!!

THIS IS PURE GENIUS--better than Dave Barry!! My son and I had the BEST TIME reading this book! 

Your books are definitely not politically correct, but very funny and I enjoyed reading them all.

I love this book!!! I want a signed copy when you decide to move into print :):):)  

I had tears of laughter when I read the chapter “Hello Dolly”. The picture in my mind of that dude hanging by his sweaty toes pinched in the window, while you performed your "experiments of G force" is poetic justice at its best! Good one!

Really GREAT STUFF. You should be a writer or something. Oh I forgot you ARE A WRITER & truly a GIFTED ONE. Really great work. You have the art/knack of taking a childhood memory & just making it mesmerizing. GREAT JOB!

Thank you for writing this great book, can I share it with my friends?

You're amazing. You're right; you just can't make up this stuff!!!"

I loved reading  “The Flaming Marshmallow”.

Really enjoyed the “Kung Fu” chapter, tho' all of your books make really good reading! Please write more!        

I read your book of an earlier time in our lives when we were policemen.  They were the best of times, filled with excitement, worry, fear and many other adjectives. The incident in the chapter “Rookie” with Clark and the defective brakes was hilarious as I was on duty that day and found it hard to believe or maybe I didn’t. Do you remember if that occurred before or after he used an engraver to scratch his badge number on the side plate of his new Model 19 .357? 

OMG!!!!  I'm still wiping away the tears of laughter from my eyes after reading the chapter “The stakeout” about the “Serial Dumper”!!!!!   Brawhahahahahah!!!!!!  Keep 'em coming.

I know that I promised not to correct your facts, but Fritz was an English Setter Bird Dog, not a Border collie. I really enjoyed your book.  Keep them coming. 

“Thanks Bob, I had to change Fritz’s breed to avoid any potential lawsuits”.