From chapter one "The man with one white shoe"

"The air smelt like Cordite from my pistol shot and it felt nice and cool on my face. I had to wait for a while until I was more composed and caught my breath before I could radio in for backup and an ambulance. I have always thought that it was important to sound cool and calm when talking on the radio, no matter what is going on all around you. After all the girl with the sexy voice on the police radio might be listening. Since we were pretty much totally lost in the middle of the housing project with a burglar that would definitely not be doing any walking, and I knew that I would definitely not be doing any carrying.  It was going to take them a long time to find us".

Welcome to the Flaming Marshmallow

 Books by William T. Moyer

“When I was young it was all about running from the police, chasing wild women, egging houses, breaking windows, getting away, getting caught, winning fights, losing fights, making out with girls, skipping school, sneaking out at night, discovering the joys of gunpowder, friends dying, friends leaving, getting stabbed, getting shot, a brick in the head, summer camp for New York City troubled youths, leeches, outhouses, falling in love, falling out of love, first striptease show, wild women, wilder women, getting thrown out of the Boy Scouts, being a kid all alone in New York City, driving cars, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, making money, going to night clubs and then I turned thirteen”.

“Funny how the biggest hell raisers always become police when they grow up”!